Site Survey

The radio frequency (RF) site survey is a process by which test data is collected and used to determine the hardware requirements needed to achieve reliable RF propagation throughout the requested areas of a facility.

Our main goal of the survey is to ensure the proper type and amount of equipment is sold to our customers. An accurate site survey is a key component to ensure your RF system implementation is successful and cost effective for your facility.

The test equipment we use for the survey is always comparable to the equipment that is to be used at this facility.

Equipment Maintenance

Comprehensive Coverage: is a unique prepaid Service program that extends normal wear and tear coverage by including accidental breakage during normal use of an eligible devices. With most manufactures you have to purchased this service when your order your new equipment.

Service Contract: Covers all parts and material to repair your equipment. We have different levels of service contracts for different manufactures. Please contact us for more information.

Flat Rate Repairs: Covers all the parts and labor to fix your equipment with one flat rate. Contact us for flat rate repair rates and coverage.

Time & Material: Pay for time and material. This is based on the time requires to fix your equipment. You do not need a contract for this service.

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